Tezos Smart Contracts: Programming Languages and Formal Verification

Informal Workshop

Contact: <michel.mauny AT tezos DOT com>

Paris, 21 Nov., 13:45, to 22 Nov. 22, 12:30

The goal of the workshop is to gather researchers and developers of Tezos programming languages for smart contracts, and their formal verification. This is an informal workshop, and the program attempts to introduce some of the available programming languages (Michelson, Albert, Ligo and SmartPy) as well, some more experimental languages, and some of the formal verification techniques that are being developed. The workshop aims at exchanging ideas, and encouraging cooperations.


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Location, Venue


Thursday 21 November

Session 1

16:15 - Break

Session 2

Friday 22 November

Session 3

10:30 Break

Session 4

12:30 - Closing